UNC concerned over voting guidelines


UNC LEADER KAMLA PERSAD-BISSESSAR expressed concern over the August 10 election, saying new public health guidelines suggested the government may use claims of symptoms of covid19 to deny UNC supporters the chance to vote. “There are several things that we are concerned over with the new guidelines, but they are saying, ‘People who are exhibiting symptoms of covid19 should not be allowed entry.’ How are they going to decide that?
“All they will have to do is look at us and know we are UNC and say, ‘Whoops, you are exhibiting covid19 symptoms.’”
Speaking at the UNC virtual rally on Thursday, she pointed out that in her constituency alone there are 29 polling divisions which are split up into polling stations. She said there are hundreds of polling stations nationwide.
“They are trying to kill us, politically, and steal the election.”
Persad-Bissessar added that people are under no legal obligation to wear masks at polling stations, but urged her supporters to wear them. She also said if wearing masks is a requirement, then government should provide them.
“They are putting a fetter on people’s constitutional right to vote. It should not be that you are barred from voting. So we are asking that they provide masks.”
Persad-Bissessar knocked Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh, saying he failed to test enough people, and had “flattened the curve” of the virus by limiting the number of tests. She said TT has the lowest number of tests done in the region and was 162nd in the world in dealing with covid19.
“If you ask any scientist, they would tell you we should have tested at least tenper cent of our population. They flattened the curve by flattening the testing. Terrence displayed irresponsibility by failing to test people, and if they failed at covid19, why do you expect to handle a post-covid19 TT? Don’t get chain up.”
She again knocked the Prime Minister for blaming her for the failures of the government when he should be taking responsibility.
“He said he opened borders for UNC, friends: he wants to pin it on us. He said the drip-drip of people brought in the virus. He always wants to find people to blame.”
Addressing the Prime Minister, she asked, “Will you ever take responsibility for the people of this land?”


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