UNC candidate promises 3,000 jobs for Moruga


UNC candidate for Moruga/Tableland Michelle Benjamin promised that 3,000 of the 50,000 jobs promised by the party will go to the constituency in the first year of a UNC administration.

“I come from the belly of Moruga. I can tell you where the cavelands are, I can tell you where my brothers are sitting on the block,” she said, speaking at Thursday night’s virtual rally.

“We have already identified significant areas for concern for immediate treatment. We will create 50,000 jobs, as preached by my political leader, and guess what? We are bringing 3,000 jobs in the first year to Moruga/Tableland.”
Vandana Mohit, UNC candidate for Chaguanas East, chastised PNM candidate Clarence Rambharat for abandoning projects and ignoring the cries of the people.

She said as mayor she provided opportunities for youths and supported single mothers with food and childcare while they waited for government grants.
Responding to his statement that his experience will give him the edge in the election, she said she had youth and energy on her side.

“You abandoned schools. Nine-year-olds are awaiting placements in schools.
“But don’t worry. I will help them.
“I know all your issues, and those issues are mine,” she declared. “This smallie is no fly-by-night, and I will give you the most election blows you ever got in your life.”

Candidate for Toco/Sangre Grande Nabila Greene promised to be a voice for women and the disenfranchised.
She promised the constituency investment in ecotourism, first-class roads, improved infrastructure for fishing depots and incentives for farmers.

“I want to be a voice for those who are victims but are treated as villains. One day soon, the sun will rise and the darkness of crime, corruption, abuse and neglect will be dispersed,” she said.

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