Two V’zuelan brothers missing in Chaguanas

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Maiker and Maifer Lopez have been missing since December 11 in Chaguanas. –

Two Venezuelan brothers have been missing since December 11 and their relatives are concerned.

Relatives say that from then until this Tuesday, 16 days have passed without contact from Maiker Lopez (32) and Maifer Lopez (31).

They were last seen by family on December 11 at Maiker’s house in Dino Run, Charlieville, Chaguanas.

Maiker’s wife Mary Gonzalez told Newsday they were together at her house and decided to leave for a farm located in Felicity.

“The owner of the house where we live took them there at my husband’s request around 5 pm. From that moment we don’t know anything,” said Gonzalez.

She got worried after 12 hours of not hearing from him. She said her husband had never disappeared for that long before.

Gonzalez said the owner of the house informed them he just dropped off the brothers at that farm and left. He didn’t know more.

Grisneidys Moya, Maifer’s wife, said they filed a complaint at the Chaguanas police station two days after their disappearance.

“So far no answers,” Moya said.

The family is from Punta de Mata, Monagas state, Venezuela.

Evelyn Lopez, sister of the two men, said police said they went to the farm, checked the security cameras and saw when the Lopez brothers arrived, but were not able to see when the brothers left.

Mary Gonzalez, Evelyn Lopez and Grisneidys Moya ask people to help them find the Maiker and Maifer Lopez brothers missing since December 11 in Chaguanas. – Grevic Alvarado

She said a friend of her brothers who was on the farm saw the men leave the place around 12 am through a back area of the farm. No one else was with them.

“We don’t understand why they would have wanted to leave through that place. (It) is full of mountains and there are no houses around,” Evelyn said.

Maiker has four children and came to Trinidad and Tobago two and a half years ago. He has worked in construction and farming.

Maifer arrived in TT in October of this year. He works as a barber in his own house. He has three children.

His relatives said the brothers had an altercation with another Venezuelan a few weeks before.

Evelyn said “The problem was something simple based on what my brother told me. But we don’t know who that other man was.”

She said that a ‘suspicious’ man initially contacted the family, claiming to know the whereabouts of her brothers, but he eventually stopped answering their messages and calls any more.

“We have gone to the police several times, but they don’t listen to us, they don’t attend to us,” she said.

The family is calling on the authorities to thoroughly investigate the farm where the Lopez brothers were last seen and the people who were there the night they disappeared.

People who may know something about the Lopez brothers can contact their family at 491-1202.