Two scammed trying to buy US cash

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo/Jeff K Mayers

Police are warning the public to be cautious when meeting with strangers for financial transactions. This comes after two people were scammed by a man pretending to have US currency for sale.

Police said last Thursday a man contacted the man and woman and said he wanted to sell some US currency at a rate of TT$5 for US$1.

They arranged a meeting was arranged where the man would hand over the local currency while the woman would meet with someone else at a restaurant in Woodbrook and give them the US currency in exchange.

The man handed over TT$20,000 to a woman at City Gate, who left, but no one met with the woman in Woodbrook to give her the US currency.

They both tried to contact the man who arranged the meeting but were unsuccessful.

A report was made at the Central Police Station.

Investigators are expected to view security camera footage at City Gate.

Police are asking the public to meet with potential clients and salespeople in a police station for any exchange of goods or cash.