Turkey PM Erdogan set to return as protests continue


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to return to Turkey as mass protests against his government continue. Mr Erdogan has completed a three-day tour of North Africa as demonstrators turned out in Ankara and other cities, many calling for him to quit. The demonstrations spread after police cracked down on protests over the redevelopment of an Istanbul park. Mr Erdogan has called the protests undemocratic, though his deputy has apologised for police violence. On Wednesday, as protesters thronged Istanbul’s Taksim Square for a sixth straight day, activists called for the police chiefs of affected cities to be dismissed. In the capital, Ankara, police used tear gas and water cannon to…

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Obama names outspoken Rice as his security adviser

JULIE PACE AP White House Correspondent= WASHINGTON (AP) — Defying Republican critics, President Barack Obama named outspoken diplomat Susan Rice as his national security adviser Wednesday, giving her a larger voice in U.S. foreign policy despite accusations that she misled the nation in the aftermath of the deadly attack on […]