TT on yet another yellow-level weather alert

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: A woman struggles with her umbrella as she exits a car on Independence Square, Port of Spain during heavy rainfall.

THE TT Meteorological Service issued a yellow-level alert on Monday afternoon which is expected to end on Tuesday morning.

In a media release, the Met Office announced there was a high chance that a passing tropical wave would result in heavy rain and thunderstorms which could produce as much as 25 mm of rain in certain parts of the country.

The alert warned street and flash flooding were possible in areas so prone and electrical discharges (lightning) were also possible.

It also reported that winds over 55 kilometres per hour was possible near areas with heavy rainfall, saying while these gusts might be brief, they were strong enough to break tree branches and dismantle rooves.

This yellow alert, which started at 6 pm on Monday, was expected to remain in effect until 10 am on Tuesday.

The Met Office is urging the public to avoid walking or driving through flood waters and to secure loose outdoor items and livestock.