Trinidad and Tobago NGOs support Carriacou after Beryl

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

BERYL’S RAGE: The destruction left by Hurricane Beryl, after it battered Carriacou on July 1, is seen in this photo posted on Unicef Eastern Caribbean’s Facebook page hours after the storm. – Photo courtesy Facebook

IN the wake of Hurricane Beryl’s devastating impact on Carriacou, organisations across Trinidad and Tobago are mobilising to send relief supplies to the affected communities and animals in need.

SewaTT and Heart of the Village Foundation are organising a relief effort.

Captain David, a longliner out of Chaguaramas, will set sail tonight to carry these supplies directly to affected areas.

Items needed:

Canned sausage, cheese, ketchup

Sanitary napkins, toiletries

Water, disinfectant, mops, brooms, sanitiser

Easy-to-make food items, plaster, and medicine kits

Towels and bedsheets, baby and children’s items

Disposable bowls, etc

Animal donation suggestions:

Dog and cat chow

Sprays like Bactrovet, etc


Anything else you can think of

Drop-off locations:

Eventsland Warehouse: Contact Naresh at 323-2205

Worrel Regis Compound: Sean Regis, 681-7720

Kendra Compound: Geeta Ji, 790-6606

For assistance with pick-up from various locations, please contact Marisha at 375-4439

Or take your animal-related donations to:

80 Lower Boundary Road, San Juan (on the corner is Church’s). Enter the compound, go straight to the back to Warehouses and ask for Kerry (480-2342). Give her your donations and say “Venus for Carriacou.”

For directions or other info, you can also call 680-3795.