Top cop eye on gun crime into 2023 Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The Barbados Police Service remains resolved in this efforts to arrest gun crime islandwide.

Commissioner of Police Richard Boyce during his Christmas Message held firm that law enforcement will continue to “root out lawless behaviour” going into 2023.

The Service signalled their determinations with the launch of Operation Restore Order which is a joint initiative with the police and Barbados Defence Force.

“Gun crime continues to be a stubborn problem. As citizens of this country, we all feel the effects. Our teams have worked diligently during the year to bring resolution to this problem. They have effected arrests and realised a record number of gun seizures. Our efforts have continued with the launch of Operation Restore Order. This will run well into the New Year. It signals our resolve to root out lawless behaviour. As always, we are willing to work with those other agencies that have a part to play in this endeavour,” said the police chief.

Boyce detailed that throughout 2022, the Barbados Police Service has sought to fulfil its mandate of protecting public safety by upskilling its complement through training programmes and collaborations with international partners.

“We have embarked on a programme, in collaboration with international partners, to provide our leadership teams with the skills that are required in a modern police service. This will continue in the coming year as well as agency wide training, with particular emphasis on the softer skills relating to how our officers interact with the public in order to improve that experience,” he noted.

The Service has also incorporated modern technologies to improve efficiency. Cameras have been installed along major traffic arteries and officers are now deployed with body cameras. The Commissioner emphasised that the police recognised the need for openness and accountability.

Referring to a breach of confidentiality that occurred earlier this year, he sternly stated such behaviour will not be tolerated.

“During the year, there was an apparent breach of confidentiality relating to a report that was made to us for investigation. We condemn such behaviour in the strongest terms. This does not accurately represent who we are,” Boyce said.

Broaching on the merriment of the holidays, he encouraged citizens to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and the safety others.

“This joyous season of Christmas does provide all of us an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of family and friends and a respite from the daily run of life. It does also provide room for introspection. By all means, enjoy yourself but avoid excesses of intoxicating beverages, particularly if you have to drive on our roads. Please also take sensible measures to ensure your safety,” he added.