Toco teen held for Scarborough shooting

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Supt Rodhill Kirk –

A TEENAGER from Toco has been arrested for a shooting in Scarborough on January 6 which left four people injured.

According to police, a group of men were gathered in front a supermarket at the corner of Carrington Street and Wilson Road in Scarborough, just after 7pm, when a gunman approached and fired at them. The men scattered in various directions, and the gunman escaped on foot.

In an interview with Tobago Updates on Monday, Supt Rodhill Kirk said, “We have arrested one person and charges will be laid. That person is due to appear before a court. It’s an 18-year-old youth from Toco.”

He said the information will be released to the public shortly.

He said the three murders in Tobago in 2024 are unfortunate.

The island’s first murder for the year took place on New Year’s Day with the shooting of dancehall artiste Kareem Small. He was shot while liming with friends near his home at Patience Hill. On January 12, the body of Akinde Bissoon was discovered at Old Grange, Tobago. Police said his body bore marks of violence.

On January 25, Nigel Julien, also known as Tall Man, who lived in an apartment at Signal Hill/Lambeau Road, was killed in a drive-by shooting shortly after 9 pm. Julien, a mason, was said to be originally from Quarry Street, Laventille. Investigations are continuing into all three, Kirk said.

“I just want to assure the public that the police are doing everything within their power to deal with these murders and we have to urge the public to be a bit patient because a murder investigation is one that is complex; and whilst we know that there is a lot of work to go into it, we don’t give away accuracy for speed.”

Kirk noted that there were also several roadblocks across the island on the weekend. This led to an arrest being made.

“We had the police on the roadways and three persons were arrested for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. That is on the Windward Road in the vicinity of the Goodwood High School.”

He reiterated his appeal for the public to help in the fight against crime. He noted that there continues to be collusion to inform people when roadblocks are set-up.

“We are the persons responsible for making Tobago safe…

“I don’t know what is happening – some people are bent on coming out against that initiative; because you would see on the airwaves that persons are calling around. Every time the police is on the road, they are calling.

“We are not only out there to say we are going to lock up people, but we are also out there to protect and serve you. You don’t know the gun that is out there moving along the roadway, if it may affect you and your family members. So we are urging you to give us a chance to do what you pay us to do.”

He said there have been some collaborations between the public and the police.

“You are the ones who live in the communities; you are the ones who these people live with; who they interact with on a daily basis. We are not saying to put yourselves in harm’s way, we are just saying if you see something out of the ordinary – let the police know and we will look into it and do what we need to do. To build that level of trust and confidence you all have to give us that chance for us to do what we are paid to do.”