Tobago pensioner shot in mini mart robbery


A 71-year-old man was shot during a robbery in Calder Hall on Monday.

Tobago police told Newsday, around 3.15 pm on Monday Ivon Gordon was sitting next to the cashier at Light House Mini Mart when a man walked in pretending to be a customer.

The bandit pulled out a gun, hit Gordon behind his head with the gun butt and then shot him in the left leg.

In a video circling on social media, the man was seen pointing the gun to the cashier and demanding she give him all the money in the cash register.

Sgt Alicia Piggott of the Scarborough Police Station is continuing investigation.

Tobago police have recovered four firearms in 2020. The island has not recorded any murders for 2020.

ACP Vernon Roberts told Newsday there has been a significant decrease in robberies after an initial spike earlier this year, but Tobago continues to struggle with illegal guns.

“There has been a significant breakthrough in robberies for the first three months of 2020. After the breakthrough in the Lowlands Gulf City Mall robbery last month (February 17), most of the robberies have dried up. This is because of the joint army and police patrols on the island,” Roberts said.

The ACP said business people must remain alert to potential danger.

“We want persons to be safe and vigilant of their surroundings. I understand that person visited the shop three times to scout out the surroundings. Businesses should call the police if they get a gut feeling. We will continue to intensify our patrols to ensure the island is safe.”

Owner of the mini mart Marilyn Henry told Newsday on Wednesday she was feeling ill and was not in a position to talk about the incident.

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