Tobago Festivals CEO: Do people want Carnival in February?

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A group of revellers from Trinidad enjoy J’Ouvert with Moon Over Water Sin City band in Crown Point, on Monday. Photo by David Reid

PREVIOUSLY the crown jewel of Tobago’s J’Ouvert, Monday’s celebrations in Crown Point were a far cry from previous years. The main hub of the activity was the stretch from Jade Monkey to D Colosseum which attracted spectators who enjoyed DJ music and a number of bars.

From as early as 4am, revellers and spectators began gathering along the streets but were able to witness only a few portrayals, which included Moon Over Water’s Sin City and Fog Angels J’Ouvert band. The latter, usually one of the biggest J’Ouvert bands in Tobago, decided to downsize this year.

There was a heavy presence of joint patrols of police and army, while a wrecker was also observed in full operation.

Acknowledging the low turnout of spectators, bands and revellers, Tobago Festivals Commission Ltd CEO John Arnold said, “Today, we’re seeing the J’Ouvert – the J’Ouvert is very low in attendance in Scarborough, this (Crown Point) is good but it’s not the normal crowd. I understand Roxborough is the same so we have to look at why – what are some of the reasons why.”

Revellers enjoy J’Ouvert in Crown Point on Monday. Photo by David Reid

He said the lure of Trinidad’s Carnival may have caused Tobagonians to enjoy Carnival there.

“They’re talking about plenty people going to Trinidad, some say that there is confusion about October carnival and this Carnival, some think that we should just centralise the Carnival in one place – there’s all kind of views as I walk the streets.”

Some re-evaluation, he said, must be done.

“We have to sit and do the evaluation and really look at where we move forward because remember all this is new, very, very new – having a February Carnival and a October carnival. So I think the transitioning period on this will call for some work.”

He said he is looking forward to those discussions on the way forward after the season.

“We have to experience it, sit, evaluate and make the most pragmatic decision; do people really want Carnival (in February) – I don’t know. I don’t have the answers but certainly we have to look to see how best we can get those answers.”