Tobago biker hits sheep, dies in crash

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Stefano Dash –

BIKER Stefano Dash was killed on Saturday afternoon in an accident near Studley Park, Tobago.

According to reports, the Glen Road, Scarborough resident was riding his Yamaha R1 motorbike when two sheep darted across the road. Dash was unable to avoid colliding with them and flew into the air as he struck a sheep. He hit a utility pole and was severely injured.

He was taken to the Scarborough General Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to a source, Dash and a group of riders went for an afternoon spin and were returning home when the incident occurred.

Dash’s nephew Elijah Cyrus told Newsday his uncle was like a father to him.

“He was a very helpful person, in terms of if you need anything. He was very stubborn. Once he mind set on something that’s what he’s gonna do.”

Cyrus denied reports that Dash had swerved to avoid hitting a child in the road.

“The fellas who were on the scene said there was no child, just the sheep.”

Asked if the owner of the animals had come forward, Cyrus said, “Yuh know when those things happen the owner does automatically disappear. Yuh doh know who the sheep belong to.”

Newsday freelance photographer David Reid, a friend of Dash, described him as “a straightforward and honest person.”

He said Dash, an auto electrician and technician, took immense pride in his work and was adamant about doing his best.

“He never did mediocre work,” Reid said. “In between his work he would make jokes. He loved children. He would put children on his bike and take them for a little joyride.”

Sport official Marcus Daniel told Newsday that Dash had worked on his vehicle up to 2pm on Saturday and he was shocked to learn that he had died.

He said Dash worked at a garage in Carnbee and was extremely thorough.

“He took out his computerised stuff and he took time and explained all the issues with the lights on my dashboard.

“He was very genuine and seemed to care about his skill. Very pleasant and knowledgeable person.”