The PSA election is the one to watch


THE EDITOR: A Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan victory on Sunday was a forgone conclusion for the Congress of the People. We already have a winner for the United National Congress leadership elections carded for November 26. But that non contest deserves a a letter all of its own. Speculation is now rife regarding Watson Duke winning another four-year term on November 26 at the Public Services Association leadership contest. Fame does not always bring good fortune. Duke is without doubt the most famous trade union leader, based solely on the number of times his visage graces the social media. We see him here. We see him there. We see him everywhere but, it can be argued that sometimes, allegedly, we see a little too much of Mr Duke.

Other very senior, experienced trade union leaders appear mesmerised by Duke’s ability to draw attention. They appear willing to let Duke play himself to the media. Watson is like an only boy child with plenty old aunties as he spins around making everybody smile. But his pernicious type of trade unionism does not bring a smile to everyone’s face. Not the government. Not the private sector. Not the chambers of commerce and not the faces of the workers who are waiting for him to sort out their pensions. His style of trade unionism resembles the Wikipedia explanation of aggressive bullying. His approach arguably,shows labour as part and parcel of difficulty with exploring proper diversification because of loss of interest from both local and outside investors. Nobody wants to deal with workers who will lose them money. There is no respect forthcoming from the people holding the purse strings. This is totally unfair to the true image of what a genuine trade union should be. The image of the working man as being stuck in aggressive hooliganism is unfair and unfounded in a modern society. TT cannot progress without everyone equally coming to the table. Labour cannot be and should not be seen as the people you do not want to sit next to.

It is D Day for the collective trade union movement depending on the leadership elections.

Remember, this is TT where in politics and in trade unionism, winner takes all.

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin

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