THA secretary: ‘Ease me up’ with the early, weekend calls

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Secretary of Health Dr Faith BYisrael. Photo courtesy THA

THA Deputy Chief Secretary Dr Faith BYisrael has advised members of the public seeking her help for non-payment of salaries to not do so at 6am or on the weekends.

BYisrael, who also holds the portfolio of Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection, posted on Facebook on Saturday, “Folks…as much as you believe that we are magicians, I CAN’T do anything at 6am, on a Saturday morning, to rectify you not getting paid (from another Division)…In fact, I can’t do anything at that moment in MY Division…

“Allyuh ease me me up with the 6am calls or Saturdays and Sundays please…I’m begging!!!!”

Her post included a screenshot of four incoming calls from 6.02am to 6.22am.

BYisrael has been condemned by members of the public and other Tobago politicians, including her Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke.

One person commented on her post asking what was the reason for the repeated late payment of THA salaries. THA workers in several divisions have been complaining for months about this issue. The THA has laid the blame for the issue on red tape and low productivity among public servants.

Another person said, ” I don’t see a problem. You there to serve. Put things in place for that. Things don’t happen by chance.”

A woman commented, “Wow…not everything for social media. As an elected official this is not the way you conduct yourself.”

Another added, “The calls comes (sic) with the office, don’t be upset. It is what it is.”

One woman replied, “I guess you now have a clear understanding of ‘Who in the kitchen feels the heat.’ Things look (glamorous) from outside when it was easy to point fingers at the ones who were there and highlighting their mistakes.”

Although most people criticised BYisrael’s response, some people supported her.

A THA official who works in her division said, “Pretty soon they will show up at your house, to wait by the garage where you park the car, or even better, at church when it’s just over to go home! But the best is when they start meeting your mother and sending messages or envelopes with numbers to call.”

Another said, “There is a line between personal space and professional space for everyone. And that line should not be crossed no matter the position. Yes, politicians are there to help everyone but we still have to remember that they are humans as well.”