THA Chief Sec: ‘We’re losing too many women’

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Tobago must not lose its love and neighbourliness.

So said THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine when questioned about the recent spate of gender-based violence in Trinidad.

In the past few days, four women have been murdered in separate incidents.

He said gender-based violence has been a thing for TT for a while, and the populace should not pretend it has not been.

“We have been losing too many women by acts of violence for far too long. especially (because of) unhinged menfolk, and every time it happens, it is a painful reminder that we menfolk have to work on ourselves and find ways to treat with disappointment and hurt and all of these emotional things that I reckon we are not often taught how to treat with.”

He said it showed men had a lot more work to do.

He added: “The beauty of Tobago is that we are a small society. The beauty of Tobago is that we still have villages where we know each other and know everyone. And I hope that as we become more progressive that we don’t lose our sense of love and neighbourliness for each other, because that is our best trait.”

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