TCL chair: Employee’s death on the job will be probed

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

In this file photo, Cemex/TCL workers carry the casket bearing the body of their fallen comrade Gavin Ramoutar who died in a workplace accident at TCL’s Mayo plant. The funeral took place at the home of the deceased in Whiteland. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

TRINIDAD Cement Ltd (TCL) Group of Companies chairman David Inglefield told the family of Gavin Ramoutar the company will ensure there is closure regarding his death at the company’s quarry in Mayo on November 18.

He gave this assurance during Ramoutar’s funeral at his family’s home in Whiteland on Tuesday. Ramoutar, 39, a labourer at the quarry, came into contact with a machine which reportedly crushed him.

Responding to a call from a neighbour who spoke earlier during the service about an investigation into Ramoutar’s death being handled with dispatch, Inglefield told the gathering, “It will be expeditious.”

Inglefield said Ramoutar’s death was sad for everyone at TCL.

In response to the neighbour’s call for Ramoutar’s family to receive any benefit or compensation he was entitled to, Inglefield said the company will extend every consideration it can to the family.

“They have a right.”

Inglefield asked Ramoutar’s family, friends and co-workers to remember and cherish the happy memories they have of him.

Ramoutar’s father Anand, 63, died of a heart attack in June. His wife Julie died in a car crash in 2019 in Mayaro.

The neighbour, who did not give his name, said he was shocked by the news of Ramoutar’s death.

“I gasped in horror. I could not believe that was my neighbour across the road.”

He recalled stories about Ramoutar’s death being reported widely in the media.

“That’s not a good headline for this company.”

He said he received photos of Ramoutar on his phone after the accident, describing them as”graphic and disturbing.”

He compared them with the conversations of five divers who were sucked into a 30-inch pipeline belonging to Paria Fuel Trading Co Ltd at Pointe-a-Pierre on February 25.

Conversations among the divers after the incident happened were played during a commission of enquiry’s evidentiary hearing at Tower D of the Port of Spain International Waterfront Centre on Monday.