Syria’s Weapons of Mass Desruction


Syria has been accused of conducting the research and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction. Syria admitted to having a stockpile of chemical weapons reserved for national defense against foreign countries on July 23, 2012. They restarted their chemical weapons testing at a base on the outskirts of Aleppo in August 2012. Not being a party to the Chemical Weapons Convention, they have been accused a shaving an active chemical weapons program, although it has been denied repeatedly. Being one of the six states that not signed and eight that have not ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention, covertly they are manufacturing Sarin,…

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Boris Berezovsky, 67, Russian tycoon left country amid feud with Putin

LONDON — Boris Berezovsky, a self-exiled and outspoken Russian tycoon who had a bitter falling out with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was found dead in southeast England on Saturday. He was 67. In recent years, the one-time Kremlin powerbroker-turned-thorn in Putin’s side fended off verbal and legal attacks in cases […]