Subway River Raid 14 rides on despite virus scare


MICAH Augustine and Gabriella Samuel topped the field, in the men’s and women’s mountain bike categories, on Sunday.

Action was in the Subway River Raid 14, at Samaan Park, Chaguaramas.

The 18-year-old Augustine was the overall champion in the six-lap mountain bike race, in a time of one hour, seven minutes and 47 seconds.

Ryan Chin and Nikolai Ho were next, each finishing in one hour, nine minutes and 13 seconds. But Chin was adjudged as the runner-up, with Ho in third spot.

Samuel was the women’s winner, after completing the course in one hour, 18 minutes and 25 seconds, with Annette Madsen (one hour, 27 minutes and 18 seconds) and Manuela Ruede (one hour, 32 minutes and 23 seconds) trailing.

This event was one of the last to take place in TT as the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to local sporting events.

According to chief organiser Jason Gooding, “It went well…. not as many participants as previous years. Obviously, some people chose to stay away from it and a few people didn’t know if it was still happening.”

Gooding said, “Why we went ahead with it is because we got a (covid19) case three days before, and everybody goes into panic mode. Just the nature of the event, I went through the whole day not touching a single person, and we promoted that.

“There is so much information on how to be cautious and avoid the spread of it, a lot of people went about the day with that in mind. Some people, as soon as their race finished, they left right after.”


Adult Mountain Bike Sport –

Male: 1.Gordon Neufville (49 minutes, 57 seconds); 2.Vidal Ramlagan (50 minutes, five seconds); 3.Richard Changur (50 minutes, 21 seconds).

Female: 1.Tamiko Butler (54 minutes, 21 seconds).

Youth Mountain Bike Long Course –

Male: 1.Kersheve Paul (nine minutes, 10 seconds); 2.Labron Saul (nine minutes, 33 seconds); 3.Akeem Jobe (nine minutes, 58 seconds)

Female: 1.Jenae-Marie Price (12 minutes, 53 seconds); 2.Maleah Butler (12 minutes 54 seconds).

Youth Mountain Bike Short Course –

Male: 1.Jayshaun Cumberbatch (five minutes, 58 seconds); 2.Jahsai Allum (six minutes, 39 seconds); 3.Cruz Gomes (six minutes, 59 seconds).

Female: 1.Melina Lopez (five minutes, 47 seconds); 2.Leah De Freitas (six minutes, 55 seconds); 3.Evynleigh Gomes (seven minutes, 44 seconds).

Trail Run –

Male: 1.Thomas Adams (20 minutes, one second); 2.Guswil George (20 minutes, three seconds); 3.Nigel Simon (20 minutes, five seconds).

Female: 1.Janice Gooding (28 minutes, 21 seconds); 2.Charmaine Dookie (30 minutes, 33 seconds); 3.Diandra Grandison (31 minutes, 54 seconds).

Doggy Run –

Male: 1.Joshua Bachan (42 minutes, 32 seconds); 2.Ronaldo Ramparsad (54 minutes 15 seconds).

Female: 1.Paula Bhagwandin (28 minutes, 14 seconds); 2.Karelma Aceve (37 minutes, 25 seconds).

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