Students saying ‘I don’t want to go to school’ after Deighton incident Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Some students shaken after incident brings teaching to a halt at Deighton Griffith School this afternoon.

Parents and guardians sped or hustled to Deighton Griffith School in Christ Church after receiving calls, texts or messages from their children or their children’s friends and or on hearing the breaking news over airwaves that the school was allegedly “on lockdown”.

he don’t want to come, but I said all you have to do is pray that God covers you

The school’s main gate was closed when parents descended upon the secondary school this afternoon from after 1pm and police officers were on the compound.

When Loop News arrived at the scene, school buses were entering the gates and many parents were parking to go collect their children or standing waiting on the outside of the gate for their child to be allowed to exit.

Well I actually saw it, the whole thing

Veradene Jacobs said that she got a call from her son’s friend to come get him around 1pm, but on speaking to a teacher, she was reassured that everything was under control, so she made sure to be at the gate as soon as school ended. “I was scared for him because I know he’s a ‘panicker’… [and] they were just telling me they don’t want to come to school, he don’t want to come, but I said all you have to do is pray that God covers you from being a bully or being bullied, and when you leave home and go out, you get home safely.”

One student accompanied by her mother, spoke to Loop News under anonymity. The senior student said, “What happened? How did I find out? If teachers told us anything? Well I actually saw it, the whole thing.” This news shocked mum completely. The teenager recapped that one of the guys, a fourth form student, “who is basically a bully”, allegedly kicked the boy who then pulled out a knife, “because he had interfered with him prior”. But she said that the alleged bully pleaded with the knife-wielding student saying “Don’t stab me please” and he listened and ran out the school. She said, “Then one of our teachers… he ran behind him…and then the police come.” She told her mother and Loop, “I traumatized by it.”

Another student told her mother, “I’m not going school tomorrow,” as they walked to the car.

Parents whose children are in the junior school seemed to have to confirm that they were there to collect their offspring. One mother said, “my child comes home with her friend’s dad, but today they said he can’t get permission to leave with my son, only his daughter could leave with him.”

The collection system, though for security purposes, frustrated some parents because as some told Loop, “That could make sense? That don’t make no sense. To walk up and down with a name, back and forth from de gate. Them like them only got one person writing the names for the children to come out. Duh got nuff teachers in dey. What them doing? Over half hour now I here waiting.” Another said, “All parents can’t come fuh children though. Leh go de children.” The students’ names were being documented before they were released into their parents’ custody.

At 2:23pm, the Chief Education Officer Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw arrived at the school compound.

One week ago, December 2, there was a stabbing at Parkinson Memorial Secondary School in The Pine when two male students got into an altercation, which left one boy with stab wounds. Classes at that school were called off on December 5 as well.

Up to the time of publishing, Police Public Information Officer could not be reached for official confirmation and details of the incident. Loop also reached out to the Barbados National Council of Parent Teacher Associations.