St. Kitts Tourism Authority Highlights Summer Of Fun Campaign In Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 14th March, 2023– The St. Kitts Tourism Authority is bringing awareness to its new campaign “Summer of Fun” with interviews at various media houses in Barbados.

On Monday Tourism Authority CEO Ellison Thompson and Deputy CEO Melnecia Marshall participated in interviews with national media houses Mornin’ Barbados, 98.1 The One, and Slam 101.1 FM Barbados.

During the interviews they marketed the St. Kitts Music Festival, intra-regional travel with the easy accessibility to St. Kitts via InterCaribbean Airways and activities offered to persons visiting the destination.

In the interview with Good Mornin’ Barbados presenter Pearson Bowen, Mrs. Marshall explained the concept of the “Summer of Fun”.

“It starts with the St. Kitts Music Festival on the 22nd June and it ends early September with the end of CPL Cricket,” Mrs. Marshall said.

“So in St. Kitts, we are going to be launching the “Summer of Fun” for St Kitts and Nevis and basically the campaign looks at all that is happening within the two islands over the space of June to maybe the beginning of September and of course it kicks off at the St. Kitts Music Festival from the 22nd to the 24th June.”

She outlined some of the adventures the destination has to offer visitors.

I would say to any potential traveler first start by going on the beach, because you need to relax on the way before you take it all out. From the time you arrive in St. Kitts and you descend the stairs, it’s just beauty all around you.”

“And so once you’ve done that and you’ve had some time to recuperate from your travel, then I encourage you to take an island tour. Visit some of the historical sites. As you know St. Kitts is the mother colony of the West Indies. We were first colonized by the British and the French… and so we encourage persons to take an island to visit some of the sites. So we have the Brimstone Hill fortress as we’ve seen a while ago and we also have the Wingfield Estate and Romney Manner with the Botanical Gardens and you can drive around and visit some of the sites black walks, bloody points and so forth.”

According to the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, it is working hard to ensure that the Caribbean market regains its number two position as a source market for the destination.