Sri Krsna Seva Ashram donates books to Marabella school

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Pundit Keshava Gosine from the Sri Krsna Seva Ashram presents one of several hundred text books to principal of the Marabella North Secondary School, Sayeed Ali, while co-ordinator Ashti Gosine-Ramsumair looks on. Photo by Lincoln Holder

Members of the Sri Krsna Seva Ashram donated over 700 books to the Marabella North Secondary School on Tuesday as part of the organisation’s ongoing drive to help people and communities.

Pundit Keshava Gosine said the donation coincided with the Hindu festival Kartik Purnima, which was celebrated on Tuesday.

Gosine recalled that when the covid19 pandemic’s restrictions were easing and physical school restarted, many parents at the ashram and otherwise voiced concerns about being able to afford books.

The parents also donated used books to allow other children to use them.

“We decided to donate gifted books that members of the ashram gave for the benefit of the school children. We thought it would add value to the students,” Gosine said at the school.

“The children are the future, and with the pandemic, some students (nationwide) fell back academically. Giving these books is just one initiative to help support the students in this school.”

The ashram is at Naggee Road in Hindustan, Princes Town.

The books are for students from form one to six.

“Based on what parents submitted, we have books relating to chemistry, agriculture, biology, physics, mathematics, English, Spanish, atlas—things that children would need in different types of studies at different forms,” Gosine said.

The pundit also called on the public to join the effort to help many other children by donating books.

He added that this country is about love, and the children need help “right now.”

The pundit and other members handed the books to the school’s principal Sayeed Ali and other staffers at the library.

Co-ordinator of the event Ashtie Gosine-Ramsumair praised the organisation for seeking the students’ interest.

“Reading more is positive, never a negative thing. The students require more resources to read, and we encourage that,” Gosine-Ramsumair said.

She is a member of the ashram and is also affiliated with the school.

She said the ashram has held many other drives like food and book distributions and helping people in need as well as friends and communities.

“I wanted to be a part of it too, to spread the love and the assistance to our children in the school. There are primary schools already earmarked to receive books from the ashram.”

Kartik Purnima is an auspicious time for Hindus. It is believed that one attains virtue by donating on this day and taking a dip in the holy river of Ganga.