Spice, Shaggy & Sean Paul’s ‘Go Down Deh’ Surpass 200 Million Views

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

“Go Down Deh” has surpassed the 200-mill mark on YouTube.

Spice’sGo Down Deh” featuring Shaggy and Sean Paul has hit 200 million views on YouTube, far surpassing the dancehall star’s previous most-viewed video for “So Mi Like It.” The track was featured on Spice’s Grammy-nominated debut album 10, which was released in 2021. The neon-charged visuals released on YouTube in May 2021 served to boost the song’s popularity further, amassing close to 3 million likes on the video platform since.

“Go Down Deh” was the No. 1 trending dancehall music video on YouTube for a long time after its release, so this milestone is a highly anticipated one. The video, which was directed by Jay Will, currently stands at over 202 million views making it the most-viewed dancehall music video of the year and the decade so far. The director told The Observer how humbled he was to be a part of the successful project that is still receiving an outpour of support today.

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to direct the ‘Go Down Deh’ music video from the start and to put visuals to such an energetic track with a historic combination from three living legends of dancehall: Spice, Shaggy, and Sean Paul. We made an awesome video and… I’m truly grateful to all the fans and lovers of reggae and dancehall music that have supported this track continually since its release,” he said.

The streaming numbers for “Go Down Deh” are equally impressive, as the song has received over 158 million plays on Spotify alone. The official music video joined the 100 Million club in July 2022, just two months after its release. The track, which was produced by Constantin “Costi” Ioni??, quickly gained popularity in India, the U.S., the UK, and the Caribbean when it debuted and especially after the visuals dropped.

Spice’s “So Mi Like It” from 2014 is now the dancehall giant’s second most viewed music video on YouTube and has garnered over 115 million views.