South Trinidad students happy SEA is over

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Family and friends celebrate with students of St Gabriel Girls’ RC School after writing the SEA exams on March 21. – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

STUDENTS expressed joy after completing the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exam on March 21, adding they look forward to relaxing and preparing to attend secondary school in September.

At 1 pm, the entrance gates of San Fernando Boys’ RC School at Harris Promenade opened, and students ran out to greet their parents and guardians, who were eagerly waiting to pick them up.

One man shouted, “Freedom at last,” to which many students cheered in approval. Parents and guardians greeted the children with hugs and kisses.

The exam comprised three components: language arts, mathematics and creative writing.

Accompanied by his mother, Nicolette Pollonais, 11-year-old Kaymani Joaquim said the exam was good overall, but he had a little problem with the maths.

St Gabriel Girls’ RC School Isabella Martin kisses her father Kwame Philip after writing the SEA exams on March 21 – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

Kayami hopes to pass for his first choice, St Benedict’s College in La Romaine. The mother and son said they were heading to C3 Mall.

Another student, Marcus Jones, 11, standing next to his mother Natalia Jones and sister Maeghan, told Newsday he was hoping to pass for Presentation College.

Now that the SEA was over, he said he was going to play with a Palmiste-based football club he belongs to.

Marcus seemed shy, and his mother said he was overwhelmed.

At St Gabriel’s Girls’ RC at Dr Leroy Calliste Street, many parents bearing gifts, including balloons and roses, waited outside in the blazing sun to pick up their children.

The balloons bore words of encouragement like “Let’s celebrate,” “Way to go,” “Congratulations, you did it,” “Adrielle, you are a star” and “So proud of you.”

At around 1.35 pm, the security guardsopened the gates, and students rushed into the arms of their relatives.

Like so many other schoolmates, friends Renessa Emery, 12, and Akeba Andrew, 13, took photographs together and with family.

Students of San Fernando Boys’ RC School celebrate after writing the SEA exams on March 21. – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

Dharianna Lewis hugged her mother, Nicola Joseph, and said she was looking forward to attending any of the schools of her choice. These include Holy Faith Convent, Penal, San Fernando Central Secondary School, also called Modsec, and Debe Secondary School.

Thursday marked the 12th birthday of student Akeisha Herbert. She wore a sash with the words “Happy birthday.” Relatives, including her mother and grandmother, presented her with a decorative balloon.

Many parents said they were going to capitalise on the special offers from various companies for SEA students.

In Point Fortin, mayor Clyde James greeted elated students at the Point Fortin RC School after the exam.