Social media users blast ‘predatory’ women ‘moving in on’ male student Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Outrage is growing across social media as many persons are labelling as “predatory”, the actions of some women who are sending sexual gestures to a popular male high school student on popular video-sharing app, Tik Tok.

The boy, who first emerged on several viral Tik Tok videos, has been garnering the attention of females.

It is not clear how old he is, but checks showed that he attends a high school in southern Jamaica.

While some persons have said the gestures are merely to poke fun, others say such acts and comments are predatory, coming from adult women.

Individuals have also highlighted that if it was an adult male making such gestures and comments to a minor, the condemnation would have been greater.

This, they claim, highlights a double standard and hypocrisy, and the overall development has opened a discussion on the perceived lack of condemnation for female sexual abusers.

One of the videos drawing harsh criticism from viewers is that of a woman seen making a sexual gesture with her fingers, while others have offered to take the high schooler out on dates, and disclosing that they live alone.

One video in particular that has generated much discussion, has a woman, after stitching the video of the high schooler, flashing her bank cards in response.

“Come here little boy. Take off yuh school uniform, and come here. Come right yah so, come here,” the woman stated.

She has since made a new video, acknowledging that persons have been critical of her comments and labelling her as a “paedophile”.

The new video has sparked more outrage, as the woman is asking the boy whether he eats certain children snacks “because mi can’t call yuh out (attract you) with the bankcards and dem something deh”.

She added: “Mi have milk inna the fridge, mi have frosties (cornflakes)… Tell me weh yuh eat. Baby weh yuh eat.”

A female social media user has called out the woman on her first video, while addressing other women making similar remarks.

“So, I am just wondering if a grown man had stitched a video to a teenage girl’s video and said, ‘You little girl, tek off yuh school uniform and come here’, would you guys still find it funny?” she asked.

“Do we only know how to identify predatory behaviours in men, and not the opposite sex; or is it that when we say to not sexualise children, we only meant the female ones, and not all children?” she quizzed further.

The social media user said all children should not be sexualised, and the male high schooler in focus is a child.

“The amount (number) of grown women I’ve seen in his (the high school boy’s) comment section, with the sexually suggestive comments, is honestly disturbing.

“… And I don’t know why, but ever since I’ve been a Jamaican – born and lived in Jamaica – there’s always been a double standard between men and women, and the sexual behaviours that are okay for both, or accepted for both,” she opined.

Persons have responded to the woman’s views on the actions of her female counterparts.

“I still have questions ’bout this woman (waving her bankcards), ’cause if the roles were reversed, they would ah beaten and broken the man’s bones,” said a male Twitter user.

“This been a sick, double standard for far too long and not enough being done about it,” said a female Twitter user.

“I cannot believe what Jamaica is becoming; grown women lusting after a schoolboy who probably preparing for exams. Beyond disturbing,” wrote a man.

The discussions are also being generated on Instagram.

“The double standard is real!” said a man on that platform.

“Our toxic culture has normalised abuse when it’s an adult female on underage boy(s), but it’s wrong if it’s a man going after an underage girl.

“It’s our twisted way of baptising our boys into manhood. Then we have the grown men who sexually prey on our boys,” he added.

Not all were sharing in the overall condemnation being echoed.

A female Instagram user said: “Some a unuh chat too much. It’s all for fun; let the boy be and enjoy him teens”.

To that comment, a woman shared: “It’s embarrassing to see people defend grown women doing such things, even the very women who have sons themselves.”