Social activist: Women much more than nurturers, home-makers

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Tobago social activist Jaiye Melville. FILE PHOTO –

Social activist Jaiye Melville believes women should not be seen merely as nurturers and home-makers but meaningful contributors to the society.

Reflecting on International Women’s Day, which was observed on Tuesday, Melville said this year’s theme, Breaking the Bias, provided yet another opportunity to relinquish the stereotypes associated with the role of women.

“Given that traditionally women were seen as the lesser of the two sexes, be it in the home, workplace, field of play, I think that celebrating International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to raise awareness as to the importance of the woman with regard to the home, workplace and also in enabling us to break that stereotyping, where they are seen as staying at home and looking after the kids,” he told Newsday.

Melville, who was the driving force behind a men’s march against domestic violence in Tobago in February 2021, observed women are excelling in many non-traditional roles.

“Women are going out there and taking up some of the more tedious tasks and performing well alongside their male counterparts. So this year’s deadline also helps us highlight the issue of gender equality.”