Smalta supports SEA students

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

FROM SMALTA, WITH LOVE: SEA students from Marabella Girls AC Primary School gleefully show their SEA practice kits donated by Carib Brewery through its Smalta, non-alcoholic malt beverage brand. PHOTO COURTESY CARIB BREWERY –

WITH preparations for this year’s secondary entrance assessment (SEA) exam proceeding at full speed, Carib Brewery through its Smalta brand has partnered with to donate 300 SEA practice booklets, across 15 schools.

Among the primary schools that received the donated booklets were:

* Beetham Estate Government Primary

* Caratal RC

* Cumaca RC

* Curepe AC

* Curepe Vedic

* Fifth Company Baptist

* Guayaguayare RC

* Harmony Hall Presbyterian

* Marabella Girls’ AC

* Pepper Village Government

* Pointe-a-Pierre Government

* Preysal Government

* St Therese RC, Tunapuna AC and,

* Warrenville TIA

One of the Smalta Smaltee mascots JOLT attracted uproarious applause from teachers and pupils alike, as he accompanied the team to distribute the practice booklets to the schools. “We are always grateful for the opportunity to support initiatives that will improve education outcomes for our nation’s children and future leaders.

“The opportunity to partner with will enable their SEA preparations and put them on a better footing to excel in the examination that determines their secondary school education path.

“We also recognise that some parents face challenges meeting the cost of additional lessons, so we are happy to be able to assist in this meaningful way,” said Carib Brewery’s general counsel and Head (external affairs), Sean Griffith.

Smalta also sponsors the SEA practice test inserts in the daily newspapers weekly starting from January right up to the exam date on March 29.

Carib brewery under its Smalta brand – a non-alcoholic malt beverage – is committed to focusing on youth development through inspiring, motivating and supporting students with learning, in the hope that it will leave a lasting impact on our future leaders.