Small turnout at Mt Pleasant Sports and Family Day

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

English visitor Alex Lane, 24, centre, wins a friendly 100m race against his Rums London Rugby Team colleagues at Mt Pleasant Sports and Family Day on Monday at the Mt Pleasant Recreation Ground. – Photo by David Reid

After a two-year hiatus owing to the covid19 pandemic, action returned to the Mt Pleasant Recreational Grounds for the annual Easter Monday sports and family day.

Hosted by the Carnbee/ Mt Pleasant Community Enhancement Group, the event did not attract a large crowd but there were still fun activities, including the popular goat racing.

Among the competitors included father and son Leroy and Hakeem Kerr who expressed excitement at returning to the goat racetrack. They participated in the events with their goat Tik Tok.

A group of English tourists from the Rums London Rugby Team took part in a friendly 100m race.

Tobagonian Sandy Thomas told Newsday that she was excited to attend the event.

“We had been locked away for so long that I’m super excited to be out and enjoy the company of my family and friends,” she said.

Another spectator Rosie Sanchez said: “Just seeing the kids have fun and socialising with their friends is enough for me. The togetherness that I see warms my heart.”

Assemblyman Sonny Craig, left, pulled a groin muscle while running a race at the Mt Pleasant Sports and Family Day on Monday. – Photo by David Reid

Trini visitor Trevor McDonald said be expected more support for the event.

“The turnout is quite poor, I expected more people, but seeing people mingle is fine. People are observing the covid19 protocols because they understand that the virus is still with us.”

Some of the day’s featured events planned included musical chairs, beer drinking, tiny tots race, tug of war, egg and spoon and hoola hoop.

Sonny Craig, the area’s electoral representative, told Newsday he was heartened by the day’s events.

“I think it was a great attempt. It was not the massive event that we’re accustomed to but we knew that would have happened as it was a scaled-down event held by an NGO who thought that something should be done in the space, so they went ahead and they planned and executed it. So, I really enjoyed the little session today.

Sixteen-year-old Hakeem Kerr, right, wins his first goat race in two years with his goat Tic Tok at Mt Pleasant Sports and Family Day on Monday. – Photo by David Reid

“It was better than nothing. I was very encouraged with the participation of the children and the young people. I try to build on the positives – people showed interest, they want places to go after being shut down for so long, so they were happy for the opportunity.”

He said more initiatives like these are possible within the electoral district.

“Definitely. We need to find more avenues like these especially for the youths, not just to be entertained but for recreation, for them to be creative and be able to express their energies.”

He added: “I am definitely going to meet with the NGO and any group as a matter of fact who wants to do things in the district, I’ll like to work with them and assist them in carrying out their plans. All in all, it was a wonderful evening.”

Malique John, 8, of Belle Garden flies his kite at Mt Pleasant Recreation Ground on Monday. – Photo by David Reid

The Buccoo Integrated Facility is expected to draw a bigger crowd on Tuesday for A Taste of Buccoo, an Easter Tuesday event hosted by the THA. The assembly stepped in after the Buccoo Village Council, which has hosted the goat racing, crab racing, food extravaganza and other Easter activities for decades, decided to wait until 2023 to host their event.