Siparia landslip threatens Caribbean Glen Lodge building

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Caribbean Glen Lodge at Jobity Street, Siparia.

A landslip in Siparia is threatening a 59-year old building and an appeal is being made to save it before it collapses.

The two-story concrete structure has housed the Caribbean Glen Lodge since 1963 at Jobity Street, Siparia. It is reportedly in imminent danger of collapsing as a result of the landslip which developed over the weekend.

The District Grand Secretary of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, WH Inc, District No 2, Joseph Bridgewater, told the Newsday the landslip was the result of the rain over the last week.

He said it is now threatening the building, as well as homes on the southern side of the lodge.

“If the rain persists, it is a matter of time before the lodge is pulled down, along with the houses on the southern side.

“If nothing is done soon, it means that the residents downhill from the lodge will be cut off and marooned. It is the main thoroughfare for them to access the Siparia Main Road. There are no other alternatives.”

Explaining Jobity Street is an unplanned residential area, Bridgewater said residents have lived there for quite a number of years. He said soon they will not be able to use their vehicles on the street, which is becoming frighteningly less accessible.

“We would appreciate if the authorities could visit and initiate some kind of action to save the lodge and the surrounding homes. It is a matter of short order they will be cut off.”

Newsday understands the road falls under the umbrella of the Siparia Regional Corporation (SRC).

Calls and messages to SRC chairman Denesh Sankersingh received no response up to press time.