Shoppers seek Xmas bargains in PoS

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Chandra Singh and her relative shop at downtown Port of Spain on December 5. FILE PHOTO/ANGELO MARCELLE –

There was a small traffic build up on Frederick Street on Sunday, resembling one that takes place on afternoons after a work day.

But Sunday’s build up was seven days away from Christmas and indicative of people shopping in preparation.

While busy streets and businesses are the norm at this time, some felt it was not as busy as in past years, while others felt business was good.

Curvy Girl Glam on Frederick Street – an online store that transitioned to brick and mortar on Saturday – said business had been good for them.

The store’s manager (who wished not to be identified) said people had been coming into the store and she anticipated even more shoppers as Christmas drew nearer.

One store away, a well-established shoe store described business as slow with up and down days.

The store workers did not want to be identified but said they were waiting to see what happened in the upcoming days.

Home décor stores seemed to be the more popular ones, with many people seen going in and coming out with bags from stores like Mode Alive, Miguel Moses and Jimmy Aboud.

Skye Charles who manages a popular clothing store on Frederick Street, said business was good this year and she believed that having a good season depended on management.

She said the store would often do promotions to draw customers to it, and she agreed with an employee that many shoppers were looking for bargains.

A boy stops to look at toys on sale on Frederick Street, Port of Spain on December 5. FILE PHOTO/ANGELO MARCELLE –

Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd’s Courts’ Frederick Street branch also said sales were good and it anticipated an increase in the coming days. People were seen looking at televisions, small appliances and crockery.

Tech Access Ltd, under which toy store Toy Access also falls, said business was slow. Its manager Aqueel Orothal said people were choosing bargain options.

Asked if he thought there was going to be an increase in sales this week, he said, “We can only hope so.”

Street vendors, too, said business was slow and for The Mat King on Queen Street, it was being made more difficult because there were complaints about his sales location.

He said he had been selling his wares for 30 years and the complaints were making it hard for him. The Mat King also said people were looking for cheaper options.

A Paramin family – mother, daughter and son – who had just completed their shopping on Sunday said they shopped around for the items they wanted. The family said they were looking for deals.

The mother said one had to ask for discounts, as small as they mighty be, because they added up.

Even as the trickle of people made their way along the streets of Port of Spain, looking for options, bargains and the best choices for them, police were seen on some street corners like Prince and Charlotte working to keep them safe.