Shooting victim’s brother hits slow pace of police investigations

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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THE brother of a man who was shot and robbed while at a Port of Spain gas station last week says he and his family are not pleased with the slow pace of investigations by the police.

The man’s 36-year-old brother who lives in Brooklyn, New York, returned to Trinidad on Tuesday. A day later, the visitor was shot and robbed of a quantity of US currency when the car he was a passenger in, was at Soo Hong’s service station on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Speaking on Thursday, the victim’s brother said the police at that time, had not yet received security camera footage of the incident.

He added that his brother was robbed and shot as he was about to meet with a man to convert US currency to local currency. He suspects this person may be linked to the robbery.

“What he (the brother) said is that only the man he (the brother) was supposed to meet knew about the planned money transaction.” The two were supposed to meet a day earlier, but the local money-changer cancelled at the last minute.

“My brother thought this was a little suspicious but because he had dealings in the past with the man, he didn’t think too much on his suspicions.

“As the relative of a person who was attacked, and as a citizen of this country, I feel like this place isn’t safe anymore. We live in a society where we don’t get justice or when it is served, it’s done so very slowly.”

The man added that the person who his brother was expected to meet, travels frequently and was expected to leave the country on Monday May 9. He hopes the police can bring the matter to a close.

The man’s brother remained at hospital up to Thursday afternoon.

Contacted for comment, a senior police officer in Port of Spain Division said while he understood the relative’s frustration, the case is not as straightforward. He said officers are working to thoroughly investigate the incident.

“Not everything is as easy as going out and getting some the CCTV footage.

“Sometimes, the CCTV footage from one spot isn’t available so we have to try different means and angles to obtain evidence. I can say the officers are pressing hard and they will continue pushing to bring this matter to a close,” the senior police source said.