Senator Deyalsingh: Corporation workers need to change work ethic

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Dr Varma Deyalsingh –

INDEPENDENT Senator Dr Varma Deyalsingh says regional corporation workers throughout the country need to change their work ethic if there is to be any progress at these corporations.

Deyalsingh was speaking on Tuesday during debate in the Senate after the Miscellaneous Provisions (Local Government Reform) Bill, 2020 was read a second time.

“If this bill is passed, yes there are benefits but if we have the same people working in the corporations with the same work ethics, we won’t get far,” he said, adding non-performers may not have any motive to change.

“I am always jealous of Tobago. The roads look well, the drains are clean. They have something we don’t have. (Here,) it’s the same players, same work ethic, same deliverables.”

Deyalsingh highlighted areas in his corporation, Tunapuna/Piarco, which need attention. He said while the situation has improved, the area is still plagued with drainage issues.

He said whenever the corporation is contacted, there is often uncertainty as to which division or ministry is responsible as there are three main divisions responsible for drainage, including the Ministry of Works and Transport.

“All these entities, yet still we are missing deliverance…If the corporation can liaise better with these entities, we may get more relief in the community.”

He also said as a practitioner of mental health, he believes corporations should also have a map of mental health patients in their respective areas.

“This is where the corporations have a great part to play. The corporations, MPs and councillors should know their community…In case of a disaster, you know there’s a home with a blind (or) disabled person. It would benefit the population.”