Scotiabank supports United Way’s school ‘New Norm’ project

Scotiabank TT managing director Gayle Pazos. –

SCOTIABANK is continuing to support non-profit organisation United Way in its National Time of Caring initiative aimed at preparing primary schools for the new norm brought on by the covid19 pandemic.

The United Way TT (UWTT) Support for the New Norm Project aims to help selected primary schools in high-need communities, which serve low-income families, to reopen safely and efficiently, a Scotiabank press release said.

Since 2020, the bank has supported the initiative, which benefits roughly 5,000 students and 241 teachers in 15 schools.

Phase 1 of the project, which concluded in March, focused on enhancing sanitisation and hygiene through improving and expanding washroom facilities, infrastructure for hand-washing stations, providing masks and child- and parent-friendly communication materials to schools, as well as support for principals to develop a culture of shared responsibility for living in the new norm.

In September, UWTT began Phase 2 of the project, aimed at both infrastructure and programme capacity supports, such as ventilation and internet connectivity to improve the schools’ readiness for implementing the blended schooling model.

Hand washing facilities constucted at Nelson Street Boys RC primary school as part United Way’s project to prepare select primary schools in vulnerable communities for the new norm brought on by the covid19 pandemic. The initiative is receiving support from Scotiabank. PHOTO COURTESY SCOTIABANK

Gayle Pazos, senior vice president and managing director of Scotiabank TT, “In 2020, UWTT pivoted its popular National Day of Caring Project to the National Time of Caring initiative and through working with the Ministry of Education, spearheaded these much-needed improved safety measures at selected primary schools for young ones to return to in-person schooling.

“At Scotiabank, we believe that with the right support, children can realise their potential and unlock a future of sustained success that benefits them, their family and their entire community, and as such, we are committed to investing in a better future for our young people,

“This is a commitment shared by UWTT and why we readily contributed to this project. Forty per cent of the funding for Phase 1, came from Scotiabank and the Scotiabank Foundation including contributions by employees. We’re also pleased to support with a further donation towards Phase 2,” Pazos concluded.

Jennifer Sancho, UWTT CEO, said, “UWTT thanks Scotiabank for their long-standing partnership in our community impact programmes, especially for Phase 1 and, now Phase 2, of the Support for the New Norm in Primary Schools Project.

“It is through collective working and social investment in projects like these, that we can actively prepare for safe return to in-person school, which is urgently needed to begin to address learning loss and mental health issues among children due to covid19 restrictions.”

Schools involved:

Belle Garden Anglican (Tobago)

Cocorite Government Primary

Cocoyea Government Primary

Diamond Vale Government Primary

Diego Martin Boys’ RC Primary

La Horquetta South Government Primary

Marabella Boys; Anglican Primary

Matura Government Primary

Nelson Street Boys’ RC Primary

Nelson Street Girls’ RC Primary

Salazar Trace Government Primary

Santa Rosa Government Primary

St Gregory’s Anglican Primary

St Mary’s Mucurapo Boys’ RC Primary

St Mary’s Mucurapo Girls’ RC Primary.