San Francique Road landslip under repair

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

WHAT ROAD?: A man walks along the badly damaged Pluck Road in San Francique on Monday, while the driver of that car, too his time to consider the options available. PHOTO BY MARVIN HAMILTON –

Slope stabilisation work began Monday on a landslip at San Francique Road in Penal.

But while nearby residents are happy to see “something is being done,” those who live at Pluck Road hope the ministry will fix the massive landslip near Santa Cecilia Trace.

Pluck Road residents said it gets worse daily.

One complained, “We do not know what is going on with this landslip.

“About a week ago, workers from T&TEC (TT Electricity Commission) shifted wires and installed two new poles.

“Today, they passed and announced that there would be no electricity on Thursday from 8 am5 pm. We are expecting work to start.”

Another resident, Marlene Shadick, said, “We have been waiting forever for work to start here.

“No one is telling us what is happening. We are hearing that workers were supposed to put up signs about the detour. We eavesdrop when ministry officials come on site and talk among themselves. At times…these people would not even acknowledge us. We are peaceful people here. Maybe if we used to quarrel and fight, they have some time for us. The swimming pool (massive pothole) in the road is undermining our house.”

Residents have held several protests at Pluck Road, calling for the authorities to repair the road.

In a newspaper advertisement dated September 7, the Works and Transport Ministry warned the public there would be temporary traffic disruption along the road near Christ Evangelical Ministry.

The disruption started on Monday and is scheduled to end on November 1.