San Fernando mayor welcomes credit union community outreach

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello. Photo by Lincoln Holder

Mayor Junia Regrello welcomed the launch of the Police Service Credit Union’s (PSCU) community caravan at a function at the credit union’s office in Cocoyea, San Fernando on Friday.

“Here lies this opportunity presented by the PSCU, and an important and powerful educational tool.”

Regrello said the initiative was timely, given the fluctuations in the economy, the impact of geopolitical factors and the continuing impact of the covid19 pandemic.

He viewed it as “an excellent opportunity to give back to the citizens of San Fernando.”

Regrello said, “As a society it must be noted that the advancement of credit unions as an alternative to conventional banking has been steadily increasing in popularity.”

He added that compared to larger banking institutions, credit unions “are infinitely closer to the community, to have a more meaningful grassroot impact and build a stronger, more financial aware society from the ground up.”

PSCU marketing officer Elvis Ellick agreed, saying the objective behind the caravan was to provide better financial education to credit union members and members of the wider public by bringing its services closer to them.

Ellick said the PSCU is also partnering with the Sport and Community Development Ministry to reach out to people in different communities who may otherwise find it difficult to access its services.