San Fernando concerned citizens ready to offer crime-fighting solutions

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

FILE PHOTO: A busy shopping day on High Street, San Fernando, on December 21, last year. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

SAN FERNANDO has experienced its fair share of crime, from murders to larceny, home invasions, break-ins and assault.

Now citizens are getting ready to fight back by offering crime-fighting solutions.

Co-chair of Concerned Citizens for a Better San Fernando Mustaq Mohammed said most residents have already taken personal responsibility for their safety and security.

Private security, guard dogs, surveillance cameras, remote-controlled gates and other measures have been instituted so residents can have peace of mind as they go about their daily affairs and sleep at night.

However, he noted  not everyone can afford to implement such security measures to protect their properties. He lamented that it is unfair for citizens who pay 25 per cent of their salaries in income tax, plus VAT and other taxes to still look after their personal security.

Mohammed said this exercise should not be viewed as an indictment against the government or the police, but rather one seeking to bring awareness and offer solutions at the same time.

He said although the group’s base is in San Fernando, there is a general concern about escalating crime in Trinidad and Tobago in general.

For this reason, he is asking citizens to wear the national colours, bring national flags and join a march which will begin at 9.30 am on Palmiste Boulevard on June 3.

The motorcade will go through the main streets in San Fernando, culminating with a rally at Naparima College Grounds, Lewis Street, at approximately 11.30 am.

At this venue, Mohammed said, solutions will be revealed.

He clarified it is not a religious or political rally and hence no politicians will mount the platform. He said it is a citizens’ action.