Robsinon-Regis: Bottlenecks in building approvals being removed

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

EFFORTS are being made to improve the efficiency of obtaining building approvals for building homes and businesses in TT.

A statement issued by the Housing Ministry on Friday, said this promise comes from the statutory approvals committee chaired by Housing Minister Camille Robinson-Regis.

The committee comprises public sector entities such as the Commissioner of State Lands, Chief State Solicitor, Rural Development and Local Government, Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), TT Electricity Commission (TTEC) and the Fire Services. After a meeting of the committee on May 10, Robinson-Regis said, “For far too long, “homeowners and contractors have complained about the interminable delays and bottlenecks they experience in the construction process.”

This was often the result of the entire process being handled by different agencies, operating under different government ministries.

She said this is why the Prime Minister established a Cabinet committee in 2020 to resolve issues surrounding the approval process and to expedite applications once the requisite criteria was met.

“Discussions centered around the various agencies working in tandem with each other to avoid delays on projects, by ensuring timely, efficient and coordinated use of existing resources to expedite the approval process.”

Robinson-Regis saw the Land Settlement Agency and Housing Development Corporation, benefitting from this exercise as both entities have several existing projects awaiting regulatory and statutory approvals.

She believed such a whole government approach to this matter, could very well be the game-changer in resolving current and future challenges experienced by land developers in TT.

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