Reverend Chance: Caring leaders needed to save the world

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Newly-appointed moderator of the Presbyterian Church during an interview with the media on April 27 at Naparima College, San Fernando. At right, is his predecessor Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan. – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

MODERATOR of the Presbyterian Church Rev Daniel Chance said the world is desperately crying out for caring leaders, not only in the political arena but in homes and churches.

He cautioned those who assume leadership positions but value power and control more than human lives that they will be called to account for the vows they have taken.

In a Christmas Day sermon delivered at the St James Presbyterian Church, Tableland, Chance drew a parallel between the world before Christ (BC) and what exists today.

He said in that period when sin had engulfed the hearts of many, when light was being threatened by the power of darkness, and the moral fabric of society was falling apart.

“In fact, the very soul of God’s people was becoming dull, and those who were appointed to lead, care, instruct and point God’s people in the way of righteousness had lost their sense of direction.

“Corruption ran far and deep, indeed greed and self-centre occupied the hearts of many. It was against this background that God intervened to save, rescue, redeem, and care for his own.

Similarly, he said in the present day, “When so many innocent children, as well as young adults, sons and our daughters, are being murdered, raped, displaced, sold into slavery and are being exploited, the world needs leaders who would care genuinely for all of God’s people.”

Such leaders should nurture and lead by example, he said.

“What are we doing as a church? What are we doing as leaders? Are we willing to put measures in place so that we will care for all of God’s people,” he asked the congregation, which included former labour minister Harry Partap.

Chance said just as God intervened by sending his son Jesus Christ to redeem and save the world, “God will not sit idly by and allow his creation to be controlled by a selected few where greed and the desire to acquire more wealth and to remain in control are more valuable than human life.”

He said the same amount of time and resources spent on lavish Christmas preparations was not spent on spiritual preparation.

“Do we view Christmas as a holy and sacred time, a time for spiritual birth and regeneration?” he asked.

During the service, Chance presented a token of appreciation to Dhantie Shrikissoon for perfect church attendance for 2023.