Remy Ma Addresses Papoose Cheating After Rap Battle With Eazy and Geechi

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

A unique rap verse by battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain has left tongues wagging as he seems to agree with the rumors that linked him and Remy Ma following allegations she cheated on Papoose.

Over the weekend, Remy Ma hosted her Chrome 23 freestyle event, which saw rapper Eazy the Block Captain battle Geechi Gotti.

Things took a turn, however, as the battle intensified, and Geechi brought up the rumors that Remy Man cheated on her husband, Papoose. Remy Ma is currently getting roasted on social media months after the rumor surfaced that she had cheated on her husband, Papoose. Many felt that their relationship was nothing short of a fairytale and the definition of black love, as he held her down when she went to jail and even married her after she was released.

During the battle, Geechi called out Remy, who was also on the stage. Eazy also responded with his own rap that has the hip-hop community talking.

“You see the skies written in digital like an email i prevail/ this whole year my career done try to derail/ wanna know who I’m f**cking in the game, you wanna know the details? n*** keep this on the DL. If you heard a n**** did something to me over a female and he ain’t dead, it’s probably because I still got the female,” he rapped.

However, Remy Ma says it’s just battle rap.

“It started with the blogs 2/3 months ago,” she said, adding that the entire thing did not make her “uncomfortable” as posed by a YouTuber.

“Listen it’s battle rap. I knew when I got in here. I done been to a thousand battles. Seen the battle of turn, say something to me, say something to smack, like so I’m used to it so. It’s a real spectacle, it’s not the first time somebody has said my name… It’s battle rap. It’s cool. I like it,” she said.

The rumors of cheating by Remy Ma was debunked months ago. Still, fans expressed disappointment on Monday after snippets from the show surfaced online.

“That’s A Good Man Savannah…… We were Rooting for you!!!” one fan wrote.

“So just cause he said he still got the female means he’s cheating with Remy?? dude say this type of stuff often i’m confused…was there more evidence than this?” another person said.

“EMBARRASSING SMFH, and she is standing there looking like a clown,” another said.