‘Remember Manning’s warning’


THE Prime Minister’s recent attack on TT Chamber CEO Gabriel Faria was part of a trend of behaviour and people should remember the warning of late prime minister Patrick Manning, said political scientist Dr Indira Rampersad.

Rampersad in a telephone interview said it was not the first time the PM has behaved in this manner. “We saw the kind of language that was used to describe the Opposition Leader and other people,” Rampersad said.

She said the Prime Minister’s attacks are usually worse than what was in the post and some people speculate that he may not have written it himself. She noted the saying “those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad” and questioned whether Rowley’s recent behaviour was reflective of that quote.

“We saw him attacking the media unceremoniously and for no good reason. We saw him attacking individual journalists. We saw him going against the wishes of TTUTA and teachers regarding the Secondary Entrance Assessment (examination date). Now he is attacking the Chamber of Commerce and a big community like the business sector.

“But this is very typical of Prime Minister’s behaviour. It is nothing unusual. A leopard cannot change its spots.” She said people should not forget (in 2009) when then prime minister Manning described Rowley in Parliament as a “wajang” and a “raging bull”.

“In this silly season, all kinds of things will happen. (Rowley) thinks he is on a wave. But I don’t know how many people will want to continue with him as prime minister.”


Lead consultant at Demming Communications Dennise Demming in a post entitled “a Trumpian rant versus clear communications” said Communications Minister Donna Cox delivered a “masterful stroke” on media enquiries about her health but it was in stark contrast to Rowley’s Facebook rant.

“And you see an attack on someone in a position of leadership who is simply speaking his truth about the business community and the government’s lack of action. Faria has consistently spoken and written about outstanding VAT and how it negatively impacts the business community. The Prime Minister’s ‘Trumpian’ rant reminded me of the ‘bullishness he was accused of by the late former prime minister Patrick Manning.”

Demming added: “The Prime Minister would do well to embrace the counsel of his Minister of Communications while pausing any inclinations to revive the ‘raging bull, wajang or Rottweiler behaviours of which he has been rightfully accused in the past.”

The Nationwide Organisation of We The People (NOW) in a statement said it takes umbrage with the Prime Minister’s outright attack against Faria.

“Mr Faria is a citizen of our TT who, under the Constitution, has guaranteed rights to freedom of speech, expression, and association. The brazenness of Dr Rowley’s social media post, especially in these challenging times, is dangerous, divisive, worrisome, and potentially destructive.”

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