Relatives of Diego Martin hit-and-run victim call for help in finding driver

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: Port of Spain General Hospital.

The relatives of a 65-year-old Diego Martin man are calling for the public’s help in finding the driver of a black car who knocked him down on the Diego Martin Highway last Sunday afternoon.

Police said Stephen Peter Daniel, of Richplain, Diego Martin, was trying to cross the highway, at around 6.30 pm, when he was struck by the car.

The driver of the car drove off leaving Daniel on the street.

Passers by saw the accident and flagged down a nearby police car.

Officers took Daniel to the St James Medical Complex where he was treated and transferred to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he remained up to Thursday afternoon.

Speaking with Newsday on Thursday, a relative who asked not to be named said he hoped the public could help them identify the driver.

“The entire family is saddened by how this happened.

“The driver just drove off. I think if he or she had stopped his chances of recovery would have been much better.

“I went to the area myself to see where it happened and it was a pretty dark area, so the chances are the fault may not even be the driver’s own. But, I can’t excuse them for not stopping to help him.”

The relative said Daniel has a swollen brain, head injuries and a broken hip from the accident.

He said doctors are closely monitoring his condition and are waiting for the swelling in his brain to ease before going ahead with surgery.