Relatives call for removal of boulder after accident – DIEGO MAN DIES IN CHRISTMAS CRASH

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Kareem Abdul died in an accident along the Diego Martin highway on Christmas Day. –

Relatives of Kareem Abdul, the 32-year-old mechanic who died on Christmas Day after crashing his car on the Diego Martin Highway, are calling for the removal of the rock with which he collided to prevent more loss of life.

“We already lost a brother. We don’t want any more loss of life,” said one of his four brothers who did not want to be named.

Abdul, of North West Drive, Diego Martin, was driving north on the Diego Martin Highway at about 4 pm on Monday when he lost control of his vehicle. His car veered off the side of the road and smashed into a rock near Powder Magazine, Phase 2.

Abdul died instantly.

When Newsday visited North West Drive on Tuesday, his brothers, and friends were gathered, reminiscing and mourning Abdul’s death. They said if the rock had not been on the side of the road, he might have survived the accident.

“He might have run into the dirt bank on the side of the road. That stone is dangerous. It is a killer,” his brother said.

“They just built a highway, a whole flyover but they didn’t move that stone,” said a friend.

Relatives described him as a selfless, giving and fun-loving person.

“He is a real joyful fellah, a family man,” said another brother who also did not want to be named.

“He is always about joy and cooking and is always around his family. Everyone called him for help – whether it is relatives, friends or whatever.

“Any little situation that you are in, he will stand with you. He was really helpful. As a mechanic, he is always looking to be reasonable and not try to buss no price.”

He said Abdul was known for his generosity to his customers and would often do work free of charge or on credit for those who could afford to pay for repairs.

“He never used to watch no face. He didn’t say no to anyone. He would see people together and make sure that they were happy before thinking about himself. He was a selfless man,” said his other brother.

“He would risk his life for his brothers and his family. He really loved his mother, Lucy.”

Lucy told Newsday later in a phone conversation that Christmas was ruined for her.

“My father came and died on a Christmas Day, and now one of my sons died on Christmas day. I don’t want no part of Christmas again,” the weeping mother said.

She told Newsday she visited the house on Christmas Day to bring Abdul some food. She admitted that he had been drinking, and he told her he felt tired.

“I am assuming that he fell asleep on the road. I am just trying to piece things together.”

Relatives said he was spending time with family on Christmas Day when he was asked to help a neighbour. He dropped the person off at his home, and upon returning to Diego Martin, he crashed.

“Someone called me and said my brother got in a bad accident. I called the person one time to find out if he was at the scene, but he told me no, a friend of his in the police service told him.

“We contacted our mother, Lucy, and when she went, they had told her he died in the car,” one of his brothers said.

The brothers also lamented that, with Christmas preparations costing so much, they may not even be able to afford a funeral.

“We don’t even have money to bury him.”

“The car mash-up. We can’t even sell it. To be honest, this year we didn’t even have new clothes to put on for the Christmas as brothers. We were just happy amongst ourselves and happy to see each other.”

Newsday tried to contact Sharon Inglefield, president of Arrive Alive and TTPS Traffic Branch head Brent Batson for comment but calls to their phones went unanswered.

Newsday also spoke to Diego Martin Mayor Akilah Glasgow, who said she could not comment because she had limited information.

“Give me an opportunity to find out what is going on with regard to this before I respond,” she said.