RC priest: We cannot be a good Christian if we are not a good citizen

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Father David Khan leads the Easter Sunday service at the Lady of Perpetual Help, San Fernando on March 31 – Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

HUNDREDS of devout Roman Catholics flocked to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Harris Promenade, San Fernando on March 31 to celebrate Easter. But while they observed the return of Jesus Christ, they were advised by Father David Khan that being a true Christian requires service to others.

Delivering his homily, Khan said it is incumbent upon Christians to fulfil the scripture in their lives. He said this goes further than being baptised, getting confirmation, coming to church, or taking communion. He said it requires serving God and your neighbour.

“We are soldiers of Christ, going out to serve. We cannot be a good Christian if we are not a good citizen.”

However, he said many people fail in this regard. Exemplifying the lack of service to others, Fr Khan said it could be seen when citizens visit government offices where staff often “behave like the public has to serve them.”

Apart from workers in these offices, he said even leaders in society often fall short, forgetting they are elected to office to look after the well-being of citizens.

“Those who are elected into office, if they are a Member of Parliament they forget they are members representing a constituency. So whether people in that constituency vote for you or didn’t vote for you, you have to represent them. You have to be a person of service.”

“Politicians, your life is a life of service. Clergy, your life is a life of service.”

He said the morning of resurrection represents and reminds Christians they are to be stewards and people of service.

“Follow the pattern of your Lord Jesus Christ. The one who did not come to be served but to serve because of judgment.”

Fr Khan added that it’s through service they will be saved.