RC priest on Good Friday: Stop complaining, count your blessings

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Fr Leslie Tang Kai –

Count your blessings.

Roman Catholic priest Fr Leslie Tang Kai gave this advice to his congregation during Good Friday Mass at the St Joseph RC Church, Scarborough.

Reflecting on the Jesus Christ’s death on the cross at Calvary, Tang Kai said the prevailing anxieties in society pale in comparison.

He told the congregation they should be happy that they could have attended a Good Friday Mass relatively freely to acknowledge the sacrifice Christ made for them through his death.

“Three years of the pandemic and we are here to celebrate….God has paid a price for our sins so let’s continue to count our blessings,” Tang Kai said.

Referring to the increase in fuel prices, which is expected to take effect on April 19, Tang Kai said citizens must also brace for an increase in food prices.

He advised the congregation to stay the course

“In all of it God remains faithful.”

He also urged listeners to adjust to the realities and avoid complaining.

On the expected increases in food prices, Tang Kai said people should plant more food in their back yards.

He recalled this was done in the 1970s and 80s when the cost of living went up.

“Fear not that prices will increase. Plant more food in your back yards.”

The priest also said that despite the uncertainties, many people are in Tobago for the long Easter weekend.

Tang Kai said he learnt two days ago that the accommodation sector was 85 per cent filled “so by now it must be 100 per cent full.

“So, God is good.”

He said people will prosper if they trust in God.

“If we believe, we will love in that expectant hope.”

Urging the congregation to love one-another, Tang Kai said citizens should revert to the days when the village raised the child.

“Let us go back to basics, go back to loving one-another as Christ loved us. Love conquers all things.”