RC priest in Tobago: Spread love even to those who refuse it

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Father Leslie Tang Kai leads worship at Scarborough RC Catholic Church in April 2021. On New Year’s eve, the priest encouraged Tobagonians to be charitable in the trying times. – File photo/David Reid

A Roman Catholic priest has urged his congregation in Tobago to spread love within their families, homes and communities in the new year as the country grapples with the effects of the covid19 pandemic.

Delivering the homily on Friday night during New Year’s Eve mass at the St Joseph RC Church, Scarborough, Fr Leslie Tang Kai said love should be shared unconditionally even to those who may refuse it.

“Whether they love you bless them nonetheless. If God chose to love only those that loved him crapaud smoke all of we pipe. But with God all things are possible,” he told listeners, who included Independent Senator Maria Dillon-Remy.

Tang Kai urged them to forget the past and look to the future “knowing that God is with us.

“The challenge in 2022 is to surrender all of the negative thing and take on the positive realities that God has given to us.”

But he said people must be willing and ready to do God’s will and proclaim his truth.

“We do it when things are going okay but when the challenges are there, we question.”

The priest asked, “Are we anxious to do God’s will or even to understanding God’s divine purpose for us?”

He said as youngsters, elders and Christians, “We are called to bless one-another by speaking charitably and loving one-another as Christ loves us.”

But Tang Kai acknowledged some people may not be so inclined.

“Are we a people of bacchanal, confusion or are a people of love and charity. We can choose to love and speak positively about one-another or we can choose not to.”

Noting that 2021 has been a trying year for many people, particularly for those who have lost their loved ones, jobs and income, owing to covid19, Tang Kai told parishioners they should still be grateful for opportunity to attend mass on New Year’s eve.

“We can come to thank God for his graces. Life has its challenges but it also has its blessings.”

During the one and a half hour long mass, parishioners observed all health regulations to prevent the spread of covid19. Sanitising stations were also established in several areas within the church.

As of Friday, the THA Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection reported Tobago has 193 covid19-related deaths, 72 new cases and 1,396 active cases. It said five patients were in ICU.