Rasika Dindial’s chutney parang sensation Jing Ah Ling – a Trini Christmas hit

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Rasika Dindial in a photo from her Facebook page. –


A new chutney parang classic has emerged.

Jing Ah Ling, the latest offering from chutney singer Rasika “D Rani” Dindial, has become a viral sensation, capturing the hearts of locals with its charm, humour, and infectious rhythm.

Dindial’s song has over 325,000 views on YouTube and 203,000 views on TikTok so far, sparking enthusiasm among people from all over the nation and abroad. Numerous videos depicting fans dancing joyfully to the music or creating humorous renditions have flooded the platforms.

In a recent interview with Newsday, Dindial said, “I’m so happy to see how people happy over that song!”

While she has previously achieved success with other chutney songs, she said this is the first time one of her songs has gone viral on social media.

The YouTube video also has over 200 comments, praising Dindial for her instant hit.

“Every once in a while, a very big tune does appear out of nowhere and blow your mind…this one is definitely it for the Christmas,” one said.

“Chutney with Spanish, English and Hindi with classical music. We reach,” another said.

“This one going down in the books as a classic,” said another.

Her fans also paid tribute to the “Rani” for her work through the years.

“Only the Rani could pull this…well done,” one said.

“Big up Rasika yuh mash it up wit dis chutney parang gul. One of the few remaining legends of original chutney music. Large up yuh self Rani,” said another.

Making Jing Ah Ling

Crafted by producer and musician Kishore “Wizzy” Ramdath, this catchy song weaves a narrative around Santa Claus visiting the singer to indulge in some local delicacies, such as curry and dhalpuri, with his arrival heralded by Christmas bells.

Dindial explained that she was inspired to create a wholesome tune for children to sing during Christmas.

With the simple and playful “jing ah ling” hook line, the artiste said she wanted to captivate children’s attention and evoke the joy of Christmas. She said the concept for the song had been in her mind for a year before she finally wrote and recorded it.

“Actually, that idea just fly into my brain, and I didn’t even write the song (until) I went to record it.

“It remain in my brain for a year, singing it all the time in my mind, and then I write this.”

Collaborating with Ramdath at his Wizz Studio was a delightful experience, Dindial said. She commended his talent and professionalism, attributing these qualities to the smooth and successful recording process.

“It’s so joyful to work with Wizzy, so relaxed. And one thing I want to say about Wizzy: when you tell Wizzy you want this done, he does just that!

“He worked together with me, and whatever I direct Wizzy to do, he do just that. So I want to compliment Wizzy for doing a great job on this production!”

Dindial also had high praise for the contributions of Akash Daniel, the talented young musician responsible for the sounds of the traditional dholak instrument on the track.

For the joy of the children

The song’s success kept Dindial in high demand throughout the Christmas season, securing her performances for events, parties, weddings, and schools, locally and internationally.

Her performances at the Tunapuna Hindu School and a show in New York are among her most cherished experiences for the season.

“When I see the joy of these children and everybody singing it, that made me feel so happy. And recently I was in New York, and I performed that song, and the people really enjoyed it…everywhere I go, I feel happy with that song.”

Dindial’s musical journey began with singing classical chutney music alongside her father, the esteemed singer Basdeo Dindial. Her twin brother Jairam Dindial and her sister Hemlata also follow the family’s musical tradition as classical and soca chutney singers.

While she cherishes performing traditional songs, Dindial also finds joy in the versatility of exploring her creativity through the widely popular chutney soca genre.

“Everywhere I go, and I sing the chutney, up-tempo beats, the people going mad. So, I feel happy and enjoy doing that – to make the people feel happy.”

The Rani’s message: Write music to inspire

Overall, Dindal’s artistry and passion are to write and perform songs that “send a message to the people.”

Encouraging aspiring artistes, she advocates for creating music that resonates and conveys positive messages to the audience and to “sing something that people can learn something out of it.”

When asked what makes a “Trini Christmas” special, Dindial cheerfully responded that music is the heart of Christmas, emphasising, “Without parang, there is no Christmas!”

Grateful for the positive reception of her song, Dindial extended heartfelt Christmas wishes to her fans and family.

“I want to thank all my fans and supporters. Years come, years go, they support me, and I want to thank them very much. I want to say Merry Christmas to the Dindial family, who always flying the flag high.”