Rapper Fredo Bang Calls Out Jada Kingdom & Asian Doll Over $35K Claims

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Fredo Bang is setting the record straight as he denied that he paid Jada Kingdom to sleep with her and called her out for the “lie.”

The rapper’s name has been trending the past few days as Asian Da Brat, also called Asian Doll, and dancehall sensation Jada Kingdom rehashed their old beef about the latter selling sex to rappers. Both women have made the same claims about each other.

Fredo Bang’s name has been rinsed out in the public domain as many also dug up receipts where Asian Doll claims that Jada told her that Fredo paid her $10,000 for sex because she needed the money to avoid being deported back to Jamaica.

However, an old response from Jada Kingdom also reveals her claiming that it was far more than 10k.

“B*tch said I sold my p**sy one time for 10k. Lies, it was actually 35k usd. Please state facts caz das not what I told yu,” the old Instagram Story from Jada read.

This week, Jada again blasted Asian Doll on Twitter.

“Well this is news This sl*t come up with something new every time! YOUR CAREER IS DEAD LIKE THAT P***Y UNDERNEATH YOU. This b*tch had a whole rotten tampon in her p***y for 2 weeks,yu nasty as f**k! YOU ALMOST OVERDOSED IN THE BATHROOM off coke and fake tesla pills! Stop lying.”

It seems that Fredo is not denying that he slept with Jada, but he’s disputing that he paid for intimacy.

Responding directly to Jada’s tweet, he wrote, “While yall @ it can one yall clear up this LIE about me paying for some.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Wrong Guy, thats why her ass should’ve cleaned it but hey who cares bout bang @Jadakingdom.”

The rapper responded to another person dragging Jada’s tweet about Asian Doll making up lies about her.

“Jada’s the one that changed the price from 10K to 35K, then said she never sold coochie at all and now she all of a sudden admitting to doing it now that now another person is saying it.”

Another person also wrote, “Her ass wasn’t “trolling”. She just didn’t expect him to come out and say he didn’t pay. Had he not spoken up, she would have let it ride. She’s simply a liar. If using the world troll makes you feel better then have at it though.”

Jada has not reacted to the Florida rapper’s request.