Rambally slams Rowley, Hinds – Crime, murders Government’s Xmas ‘gift’

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Chaguanas West MP Dinesh Rambally. –

CHAGUANAS West MP Dinesh Rambally pulled no punches as he slammed National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds and his boss, the Prime Minister, for the country’s ever-worsening crime crisis.

In fact, as he commented on at least two murders being committed on Christmas Day, and the record-high murder toll, Rambally in a Boxing Day press release, claimed the murders, violence and crime were Dr Rowley and Hinds’ “gift” to the nation.

“Never before in our history has such a reign of terror swept across our republic. And never before has there been such a reckless, callous and irresponsible Prime Minister as Dr Keith Rowley,” Rambally said in his release.

For the past seven years, Rambally claimed, Rowley has looked on as violent crime grew exponentially worse year by year and did nothing.

“Now things have gotten so bad that Rowley is asking the nation to pray for TT. If the number of murders increases next year, as analysts indicate it surely will, will Dr Rowley blame citizens for not praying enough? Or will he blame God?

“Or will he as always, lazily blame the Leader of the Opposition for his own failings? As someone who believes in the power of prayer myself, I remind Rowley that God helps those who help themselves. For Dr Rowley to act as if violent crime is so uncontrollable and now requires divine intervention is an admission that he and his government are failures.”

He said while crime is indeed a complex social problem, governments are elected to craft policies to address solutions to social problems and help make nations better.

“However, the only policies this government have adopted are victim-shaming (such as blaming children who are killed in playgrounds for being in the wrong place at the wrong time) and public stunts (such as having Hinds riding a horse), over real policy-making.”

Rambally said Rowley must accept blame for the now infamous failed attempt to appoint a substantive Commissioner of Police.

The Prime Minister’s insistence, Rambally continued in his release, that Hinds remain as minister after the latter’s own admission that “70 per cent” of the population does not want him as national security head, is further proof that Rowley does not care how many citizens are being terrorised under his watch as head of the National Security Council.

“To effectively manage our crime problem requires decisive leadership, political will and courage,” Rambally said. “The tragic fact is that each day this Rowley regime remains in office, criminals can feel they are getting a daily gift.”