Raise speedlimits onmajor roads


THE EDITOR: While the new demerit points system is a step in the right direction for dealing with the everyday lawlessness one sees on the roads, there’s an issue not being discussed: Are speed limits appropriate for roads based on traffic volume and total number of registered vehicles?

Speed limits that were set in 1956 may not be relevant today. As an example, take the San Fernando South Trunk Road – the speed limit fluctuates and is as low as 40 km/h.

Now, if you actually drive 40 km/h on this road, especially during morning commute, you will have a lot of angry drivers around you since you will be slowing down traffic flow and making people late for school and work. At the current speed limits, commute times would be significantly longer.

I want to make it clear that I do not support unsafe driving but the point is that it’s time to re-evaluate current speed limits, especially during peak commute times. Otherwise one would think that the Government’s primary purpose is revenue collection from outdated speed limits.

I suggest a ten km/h speed increase for selected major roads.


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