PTSC enhances Port of Spain facility

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: Commuters board a deluxe PTSC bus servicing the San Fernando to Port of Spain route at the PTSC King’s Wharf terminal.

THE Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) opened its modern information kiosk and coach passenger waiting lounge at its Port of Spain hub on Monday as part of its ongoing attempts to enhance the quality of its services.

The information booth is at the centre of the terminal, near the boarding area.

When Newsday visited the information hub. there was no one inside.

A PTSC official, who tried to help passengers for a few minutes, told Newsday the the customer service representative who staffed the kiosk had gone for lunch.

Because of this some passengers raised concerns over the efficiency and reliability of the new service.

One woman waiting for a bus praised the PTSC for the upgrades and asked for the quality of the new services to be maintained.

“It’s open and it’s seen. It’s good that it’s in the middle.

“But they need to ensure functions well, not only at the beginning but al all times. Like now, there is no one there. It must have somebody there all for this to work properly.”

Winston Harding, 68, was happy to see the new information booth.

“This is an improvement. What they need to work on now is the punctuality of the buses. I could say one thing: Grande service is very good. But regularity is what they need to work on also.

“If the bus services are reliable, they could turn around and have a level of profitability. This is definitely an improvement, but it all about reliability.”

The new waiting area is fitted with comfortable seating and special chairs for seniors and pregnant women, a TV, washroom and a changing station.

One person said compared to the previous lounge, “This one it’s definitely better, especially with the easy access to the washroom facilities.”

Ria Rampersad said, “It makes a difference – the accommodations, the seating, the washroom facilities, the AC. At least while you’re waiting you have a comfortable place to sit, and the service is faster. It’s more or less consistent. There isn’t a day where you come and a bus doesn’t arrive on time.”

Another traveller said, “Prior to the new one, the other was very dilapidated and run-down, with no air conditioning. It was like a little dump. Here (the new area) is pretty organised, except now there is nobody in the information booth. Usually they are very organised but I don’t know what is going on here today. But the service is nice and prompt compared to the old section.”

The PTSC has also recently refurbished its Sangre Grande coach waiting area and work on its San Fernando coach waiting area will start soon.