Pro-Palestine march in Chaguanas

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Concerned Muslims of TT and other supporters marched through the streets of Chaguanas to show solidarity for Palestine in the ongoing conflict with Israel – Photo by Lincoln Holder

Members of the Muslim community once again took to the streets and called for peace in a march to show solidarity with the Palestinians affected by the ongoing war with Israel.

Many participants wore the colours of Palestine flag— green, white and black— and waved flags as they marched through the streets of Chaguanas on Sunday afternoon. Some shouted “Free Palestine.”

Under the watchful eyes of the police, the march started at Centre Pointe Mall and ended at the Barakah Grounds Endeavour, Chaguanas.

The group repeatedly criticised Israel and its allies, including the US, calling the decades-old deadly conflict between the Jews and the Arabs a genocide. Decades ago, the Jews had fled Europe and were given refuge in Palestine.

PRO of the NGO, Concerned Muslims of TT, and spokesman Imtiaz Mohammed, said it has been “recorded as the worst genocide” in the world’s history. He said the US has the power to stop the conflict.

However, Mohammed said in his view the US was “equally responsible for the genocide.”

Mohammed also accused the US of war crimes in several other countries. He accused the US of going into nations and doing whatever they wanted.

Israel declared war on the Gaza Strip after the October 7 unprecedented attack by Hamas, an Islamist group committed to the destruction of Israel.

Concerned Muslims of TT and other supporters marched through the streets of Chaguanas to show solidarity for Palestine in the ongoing conflict with Israel – Photo by Lincoln Holder

The Gaza Strip is home to over 2 million people, and since 2007, Gaza has been under the control of Hamas.

Sunday’s pro-Palestine match was the third since the attack.

Newsday spoke to the Chaguanas mayor Faaiq Mohammed at Barakah Grounds, and he, too, called for an end to the war.

“It is a genocide. There are bombings daily. People, schools, and hospitals are being targeted. It is systemic and this has to stop,” he said.

The mayor called on the international community to act “because what we are seeing here is uncalled for.”

Activist Fuad Abu Bakr said it is heart-wrenching to look at the videos coming out of Gaza.

He said he thinks about his own when he sees pictures of affected children.

“We have to keep blogging, posting pictures, and keep the story on the front burner to put pressure on the people who have the power to change it. There are administrations in the work that if tomorrow they say it has to stop, it will stop,” Bakr said.

“It is heartbreaking that people in authority who can stop the deaths of innocent people, women, and children will not take the step to ensure that ceases. He called on the nation to stand up against what is happening.”

Chief education and research officer at the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union said the Palestinians have a right to self-determination.

“The merciless slaughter and massacre of thousands of children, the attack on schools, hospitals, and residential buildings can be nothing short of war crimes, crimes against humanity. This is not about religion. It has everything to do with humanity.”

“The thing that is worrying is the fragile global peace that we have had can be shuttered if the state of Israel is allowed to continue the massacre. It means we have lost our moral compass. It means we have shown a high level of hypocrisy. “

Political activist David Abdulah recalled that conflict dates to 75-year ago over territory. Since then, the Palestinians, he said, have been oppressed.

He recalled “calling out” the US for its stance on the issue.

Several people attended including Caroni Central MP Arnold Ram and businessman Inshan Ishmael.